Hi, I am Martin Zl獺mal

My brain extension, personal README

I am fullstack JavaScript developer at Pipedrive.com, originaly from Czech Republic . Currently, I work with technologies around GraphQL, Relay, Flow/TS, React(Native) and similar.

My location

I am officially part of Prague office and I spend most of my time here. I am basically never in Tallinn HQ. I used to travel a lot (and still sometimes do) and therefore, I prefer solving every issue remotely if possible. I really enjoy being in different timezone so I can have time for some actual work and life. Do not expect I will react immediately. Do not expect it even when I am in the same city. I do not expect it as well.

Meetings, Slack

I genuinely don't like meetings. Luckily, I don't have that many meetings. I am trying to attend only valuable ones. Please always prepare an agenda for the meeting in advance so we can prepare well. I dislike when I am leaving the meeting without clear outcome and I feel like I just wasted my time there. Outcome from every meeting should be written somewhere. Wanna chat? Let's do it during coffee break instead! :)

Very similar rules applies to how I use Slack. I read everything relevant for me and I am leaving and joining channels frequently (depending on my needs and interests). Don't take it personally when I leave the channel. I prefer when you write me personally.


I am an introvert. That means I loose energy when I am around other people for too long and I recharge my energy by spending time alone. Sounds weird? Check this video to understand my view: https://www.reddit.com/93u8rj/

I am a volatile developer. I like to solve any problem in an untraditional way. I have difficulties to finish things completely though because there is probably something more interesting somewhere else. Development for clients is just not for me. I just got bored, everybody out.

I like changes. I like to do rapid and unexpected changes even though they are big. Sometimes it's may way of escaping stereotype, sometimes it's my way of saying "enough".

I love when people do great job. You wouldn't believe how many hours I spent reading code of excelent programmers. I will definitelly let you know when I love what you do.

I hate when people do shitty job. Escpecially developers! They write shitty code full of bugs, WTF, workarounds and then they are not even embarassed to say that programming is an art. Jeez. Can you imagine a plumber or construction worker to do the same?

Success motivates me. I feel energized when I have the opportunity to do something awesome. I feel miserable when I do not have the opportunity and I am treated just like a monkey.

I have my moods. I am fine in one minute and then I am suddenly completely different person. I think it's related to my introversion when things simply went too far too quickly. I am working on that.

I have my focus zone. Usually, when I am working really hard. I can be in this zone for a long time (hours). And I need some time to get back. I am usually not very friendly during this recovery period because I am still partially in the zone. I am trying to learn how to switch these mods more quickly. Be patient with me, please.

I want to have things under control. This way I do things really well. Also, it gives me possibility to say NO when I think it's not OK. I am very unhappy when someone treats me as yet another programmer-monkey or when I cannot say NO.

I hate stupid people. Violent people, people selling (or using) drugs, people with WTF opinions, racists, people begging on the street while doing nothing. I do not like smokers, religious people and bad drivers.

I am not always positive. At least you know something is not OK... :)

I sometimes read.