You can consider this document to be a checklist for your travels. But first - you should start with this article: Digital Nomads Are Not the Future

  • check expiration of your ID, passport, credit cards, vaccination
  • buy flight tickets in advance (even for departure when outside of EU)
  • check Airbnb / Beroomers options
  • check coworking options
  • buy travel insurance (medical)
  • do online checkin, buy meal, better seat

Travel info

Need to know something about your new destination? This will help you:



Travel insurance

Expenses and money abroad

Traveling can be really expensive. One advice for you: live like you do normally in your hometown. So if you are not used to visit restaurants every day - don’t do it in different countries. These links will help you to keep your eye on your money:

Mobile Internet

Consider if you really need it. It’s actually quite fun to travel without it because you need to step out of your comfort zone. But if you cannot be without it check this website:

Providers I actually tried:


  • Claro - 3 GB for 30 Soles (end of 2018)



Protip: consider if you need a big powerbank (they are heavy). For example I have this one. Huge capacity but weight 340g - do you need such a capacity? :)


Looking for really durable bag, jacket or just something nice to have? These links will help you:


The Problems in Remote Working

Issues are loneliness, ability to disconnect, distractions (cats on keyboards 🐱), missing out on watercooler talk & poor quality communications tools. Also, remote members fear their work is judged more.