These are coworking I actually visited. Highlighted coworkings are really good.


Cape Town

    • one of the best coworkings I've ever visited
    • great community, speedy internet, cool people and events
    • latest report from the cowo is that community went down


    • corporate office buildings with coworking as a side business
    • zero community but you have access to their buildings all over the city which can be handy
    • free coffee and water
    • it's not allowed to take off your shoes even in chill-out zone
    • you have to sign 9 pages of contract in Spanish
    • it's quite expensive and the only option how to pay for the cowo was to go personally to a local bank


Mexico City



  • (Ko Lanta)
    • great community, awesome internal system
    • kitchen with awesome food and breakfast
    • entertaining events
  • (Bangkok)
    • zero community
    • stupid tables but great and welcoming staff in a nice building